Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Evidence Samples for NVQ level 6 health & safety (OHS) Diploma

     We have sample evidence from some of the big companies from industries like construction , oil & gas (drilling), services, leisure/housing/care, HVAC and a lot of others.
These evidence can be used as a reference and if you are a health safety officer, as you will learn how to create OHS documents.

Plus this will help you with your NVQ level 6 health & safety units answers.

Please make sure you use your own safety evidence (documents) because assessor will check to see if you have submitted your own work-related safety documents. 
The price for evidence samples
20 GBP 

Some of the evidence examples that we will be sending you after your payment is done.
  • Safety policy
  • Health and safety plan
  • Safety induction
  • Meeting minutes
  • Risk assessments
  • Site specific risk assessment
  • Fire prevention and protection
  • Emergency Plan
  • Incident investigation report
  • PPE Procedures
  • Safety induction precommissioning 
  • Toolbox talk
  • Others

How to Order

Please send us a message, we will get back to you with how to purchase the evidence samples.

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How we will deliver the evidence samples

We will deliver the evidence samples to your email.

Can I use these evidence as my own?

No. You are supposed to submit your own work-related safety documents as evidence because this is how you will be assessed. Your name, your safety team members' names and your company's addresses & signatures should be clearly mentioned in each document.

Why candidates purchase these evidence samples for NVQ level 6 OHS units answers?

Sometimes, students and candidates are too confused to see how they will go about finishing their units and answers. 

Looking through these evidence samples gives them a clear picture as to what does the term "evidence" mean in NVQ level 6 OHS assessment. 

Plus these sample evidence will help you a lot at your safety job role. You will have plenty of templates, documents, at your disposal. You can introduce some of these to your own company's H&S management system.