Friday, January 6, 2023

Can you get an NVQ without college?

 Yes, it is possible to obtain an NVQ without going to college. NVQs are work-based qualifications that are designed to assess an individual's skills and knowledge in a particular job or occupation. As such, they can be completed on the job, rather than in a college or university setting.

To start the process of obtaining an NVQ, you will need to find an accredited center that offers the NVQ you are interested in. You can search for centers in your area by using the Skills Funding Agency's (SFA) register of accredited NVQ centers. Once you have found a center that offers the NVQ you are interested in, you can enroll in the program and begin working towards the qualification.

It is important to note that NVQs are only available to individuals who are working in a relevant job or occupation. If you are not currently employed, you may need to find a job before you can enroll in an NVQ program.