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NVQ Level 6 Health Safety Verified Answers And Examples

Having assessor-verified examples of NVQ level 6 health and safety responses can assist you in writing what the assessors are looking for.

You cannot pass the level 6 occupational health and safety reflective account answers and CPD if you do not know how to organize each answer, whether it is an evidence-based or knowledge-based question.

Many Level 6 H&S candidates fail to structure answers the way NVQ assessment guidelines ask

NVQ assessors need relevant, ongoing work evidence cited in each answer. Because you will also be asked to prove knowledge of what you have written in the answers, writing each answer the correct way is something that will enable you to pass the assignment. 

NVQ assessors (internal & external verifiers) are strict in assessment 

You really have an awful lot of evidence to present in each answer. So gathering documents in a folder and working through each answer becomes a hectic job for busy candidates. 

Your H&S job promotion heavily depends on your writing correct answers

Writing correct answers that follow assessment criteria is the first step and a gateway to your successful completion of NVQ level 6 H&S diploma.

Perfect Solution:  Buy assessor-verified examples & write your own answers instantly

Being a busy health and safety professional, it must be hard for you to spend long hours searching for the relevant information on the Internet for each answer. 

Buying assessor-verified examples will guide you through the entire writing process and structure as these answers have already been given a go-ahead (Pass) by NVQ verifies and assessors.

Contact Your NVQ Helper

Please get in touch with us via the email below:

Contact Your NVQ Helper

Please get in touch with us via the email below:

Our Level 6 H&S assessor-verified examples have saved plenty of NVQ students and they'll help you too as:

👉 You will learn how to structure each answer the right way

👉 You will save plenty of time by having researched information at your disposal


👉 You will learn what relevant health and safety documents to be attached along with each evidence-based answer


👉 You will learn what NVQ assessors actually look for in Level 6 health and safety assignments


👉 You will pass your NVQ level 6 H&S diploma


👉 Your salary as Health & Safety Official will see a significant boost

What our customers say

Contact Your NVQ Helper

Please get in touch with us via the email below:

How Much Does It Cost?

It will cost only £100 and we will send the entire package right away to your given email after payment.

What you will receive from us

1) Evidence List: You will have access to a list of evidence. Students are required to attach work-related health and safety documents along with each Evidence-based answer. This list will let you know what appropriate document you will need to attach with each answer.

2) All mandatory Units covered: The examples we will provide are related to the following units (in the form of passed answers):

Unit 1 (D/616/9536): Promote a Positive Health and Safety Culture

Unit 2 (F/616/9531): Develop and implement the health and safety policy

Unit 3 (J/616/9532): Develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information 

Unit 4 (R/616/9534)Develop and maintain organisational competence in health and safety matters

Unit 5 (Y/616/9535): Identify, asses and control health and safety risks 

Unit 6 (H/616/9537): Develop and implement proactive monitoring systems for health and safety

Unit 7 (K/616/9538): Develop and implement reactive monitoring systems for health and safety

Unit 8 (M/616/9539): Develop and implement health and safety emergency response systems and procedures

Unit 9 (H/616/9540): Develop and implement health and safety review systems

Unit 10 (K/616/9541): Maintain knowledge of improvements to influence health and safety practice

3) CPD For All Units

Our set of answers now contains CPD for all ten units. IOSH has mandated that NVQ level 6 health safety candidates complete and submit CPD for all sections. Those registered in an NVQ level 6 health and safety course with Shields, SHEC, or any other institution will now be expected to submit their CPD in order to pass the course. Not to fear, we've got you covered!